Anthem Blue Cross CA began as early as 1929 became a Blue Cross Association in 1960 and amalgamated with Blue Shield in 1982. Anthem Blue Cross philosophy is that health is connected by man to man. Health is a personal issue but the health of the people in the surroundings and the health of the environment are responsible for the individual’s health. So health connects people. It is mutual.

Anthem Blue Cross CA provides a wide network of physicians and hospitals. It reminds its members of timely preventive screenings. It provides programs and provides information to chronic sufferers of ill health on the ways of getting information related to their condition. Anthem Blue Cross CA offers auxiliary services like dental, vision and life coverage.

From one side Anthem Blue Cross CA provides services to a diversified society in terms of providers and other services. On the other side Anthem Blue Cross CA maintain contacts with physicians and hospitals making sure that help is accessible to its members. It ascertains that this help is coordinated and is timely. It is also ascertained by Anthem Blue Cross CA that the help is provided in a manner and in a setting that promotes positive patient-provider relationships.

The facilities created by Anthem Blue Cross CA to its members deserve a mention. The facilities keep in line with the modern electronic media.  With an electronic health record a member can track the whole of his medical history. Last but not the least every member can find a doctor on the move through his mobile


Through out our life, we make many investments. In fact, we make many unnecessary investment. Do you already have a bike and even then, did you buy a car? Oh, you must have. Many people do the same thing.

Now, do you possess a health insurance policy? Why waste money on health problems when you are already taking every care of your health, you say?

You are doing what the California Health Insurance people tell very one; you are going for that early morning walk, you are eating all the green leafy vegetables,  you are even making a trip to the doctor every once in a while so that you can have your regular check up done and make sure that you remain healthy.

Over all, if the California Health Insurance people ever decide to give a most health conscious man award, you would most certainly be the one to get it. But, California Health Insurance covers not only your spoilt health problems, but even your accidents and small wounds.

What if some day, God forbid, your bike skids and you need to be admitted in the hospital? You will not have money to pay for all your treatments at once, then may be you will have to take a loan, on which again you have to pay interest, so the loss is yours.

But, if at all you have a California Health Insurance policy on your name, you will cruise through all your health problems!


Blue Shield California is a health insurance corporation that always pledges to fight for universal health insurance. It strongly feels that many Americans die without proper medical aid because they do not possess an insurance policy. Steps have to be taken to provide timely and reasonably charged medical services to all. Blue Shield California caters to the Californians in particular and also to any American. It is an old organization that started as early as 1930 and developed into an association in1948. It amalgamated with Blue Cross in 1982 to become a federation in order to serve 39 states of America.

Blue Shield California is a non profit insurance company that has pledged itself to health care of the public. It helps the members to seek out the physicians they want in their respective fields of ill health. They provide all specialists. The goal of Blue Shield California is to bring closer the connectivity between the patient and the physician. All the members are sure of getting the physician they want

Blue Shield California pledges health care to a diverse society from the unborn babies to the seniors. The exposed to risk expectant mothers are given special attention. The adults are provided of such services that enable them to continue active service. In the preventive field Blue Shield California takes adequate steps to engage people in early screenings for dangerous diseases.

The members do not find any difficulty in using the Blue Shield insurance card. Without raising unnecessary questions the discounts or the stipulated amounts are taken.


People get sick everyday and some of these people cannot even afford medication or medical treatment for that matter. There are several such people who are in difficult positions.

With the increase of prices, people are put into difficult positions where there are very limited things that they can afford and medical treatment is one of them.

This is the reason the blue shield California came into play. For all of those people that cannot even afford medical treatment, the blue shield California can help. There are thousands of members of the blue shield and every passing day people are helped.

The blue shield California makes sure that people who require medical treatment get is and also see that everyone is taken care of equally regardless of status.

The needs of the patient are put forward so that it is established that the patient is their first priority. Some people that have been treated by the blue shield have been thankful as the same treatment is not receive at every medical institution you go to.

Most medical centers require you to up in status and only is that is confirmed can you be treated. If you are not, then the chances of treatment are nil and therefore the blue shield has come forward.

More than half of the general public would be in a difficult situation regarding medical status if not for the blue shield California. People have been helped and people have been very thankful.


Anthem Blue Cross CA is very well known through out the world. There has not been another organization which has been so famous through out the entire world and is actually working as Anthem Blue Cross CA does.

It is common for every man to fall sick. So long as the diseases that we experience are either fevers or cold and cough or something as trivial, nothing is the matter.

But, what do we do if we suddenly fall so ill that an operation becomes mandatory. Where do we get the money for the operation from? Then, we start thinking if only we had saved up some of the money that we had so unnecessarily spent some time in your life, you would have had at least a bit of the necessary financial support.

But, things in life do not happen as we expect them to. They just happen and it is not often that we are in a position to deal with the situations that arise. We do need help and we do need certain financial or insurance plans to help us out during our tough times.

Anthem Blue Cross CA is the organization that lends us a helping hand, in fact, an extremely strong helping hand during such difficult positions.

How do we go about getting our self a health insurance, you ask? All that you need to do is decide how much you will be able to put aside every month in order to save your health and just stick to it.


Have you had a medical problem, and you did not know who to turn to? Are you afraid of falling sick because of the costs that are involved? Well, we are all aware of the cost that is involved when you have to take a specific treatment. Even for a simple cough and cold medication and treatment could be very expensive.

The only solution to this is to use insurance provided by Blue Shield California. The reason many people choose Blue Shield California is because it has some of the most unique insurance plans. We all know the common health insurance and life insurance plans but there are a segment of clients who need insurance cover only for specific medical problems.

There are many people who suffer with cancer and we all know that cancer can be in many forms. A general insurance may not cover a particular type of cancer but with the help of an insurance plan with Blue Shield California, you can look past that problem. There are also many people who suffer with dentals problems.

People may say that dentals problems are very small when compared with other medical problems, but on the other hand, dentals problems are very painful and have to be tended to immediately or there could be complications. This is the reason they have specific dental insurance policies also. This means that the customer now has the freedom to choose from a whole lot of insurance plans and see which suits him the best.


Most of us have insurance on our name or for our families. When someone asks us if we have an insurance cover our answer would be, yes. When they ask you what kind of insurance cover we have, we generally won’t be able to answer.

This is because most of us have insurance policies for name sake. We do not know the purpose behind having an insurance policy. There are many individuals who do not even know what services their policy provides them with.

There are a lot of husbands who get a shock at the hospital when they get to realize that their insurance does not cover their wife’s pregnancy expenses.

Many people are not aware that normal insurance policies do not include pregnancy as a medical claim. Blue Shield California is one of those rare policies that allows, you to have insurance cover even for pregnancy.

Any charges at a hospital, with medicines and doctors fees etc, can be real expensive. Blue Shield California understands this and hence has made specific plans only for pregnant mothers. These policies cover all the expenses that come under pregnancy thus taking away the burden from the family.

You have to become someone who is wise and go through the entire set of policies Blue Shield California has to offer, and choose the one that is useful for you. It is suggested that you go through the policy well, just to make sure that you have understood all the pros and cons the policy has to offer.


Half of our life’s savings go in paying our health related bills. Under these circumstances choosing correct health insurance provider becomes important. Anthem Blue Cross CA is your preferred health insurance provider, which is a licensee of Blue Cross.

We offer various health plans, which are suitable for different kinds of customers. We have plans for small organizations, big corporate houses, individuals and family members. We at Anthem Blue Cross offer specialized health services, providing guidance to our customers to stay healthy.

We offer special health plans for pregnant ladies, giving them special information on pregnancy, delivery and child care. They also help to enroll them in special delivery classes, which teach them various exercises for normal child birth. We are also associated with state health department, helping giving health coverage to various people in California.

We offer specialized health packages which not only take care of insurance part, but also help our customers to take care of their health through customized health checkups.  If you are part of an organization we create customized health plans for all your employees.

As far as individuals and their families are concerned, your premium amount is decided taking into account the number, age and medical history of your family members. We at Anthem Blue Cross, CA, assure you best of prices for your health insurance, making it affordable and within reach of each and every citizen of California.

Call us for more details.


In today’s world pathogen mutations have become order of the way. These mutations are leading to new diseases and new sicknesses. One needs to be prepared for the worst. An insurance cover is offers hope against such an inevitable situation. There are different kinds of medical insurance available in the market. The Anthem Blue Cross CA is one of the top medical insurance companies in the market today.

Anthem Blue Cross CA offers different kinds of insurance plans. It offers well structured insurance schemes. The best thing about this particular insurance company is that it pays up to eighty percent of the medical bills. The insurance covers offered by the company are economical and affordable. The medical insurance policies offered by the company are more suitable for the common man. The company also specializes in offering accidental insurance cover and travel insurance cover.

A good thing is that the medical insurance policies offered by Anthem Blue Cross CA is that it covers an individual not only against medical problems but against injuries caused by calamities like earthquake, hurricane etc. In case of injury owing to an accident or calamity it covers more than half of the cost of surgery.

The Anthem Blue Cross CA is part of the Blue Shield group which offers many more insurance covers. The insurance covers offered include medical, dental, accidental, pension and many other insurance policies. The best way of buying these medical insurance policies is online. One can find more about the insurance policies offered by the company by doing a bit of research on the net.


There might be a situation when you get hurt and just do not have the funds to look after yourself. This might be either at work or in your own home but in either case; the thing you need is a personal injury insurance plan cover.

Anthem Blue Cross California is designed to protect against loss of income and expenses for medical care.

You can buy health insurance directly from Anthem Blue Cross California, or through an insurance agent who represents an insurance company, or online from reliable companies.

Anthem blue cross California is trying to constantly introduce innovative Health Insurance and Wellness solutions that meet customer needs. Anthem blue California is trying to create opportunities for our employees to learn and grow in an enjoyable work culture.

On buying medical insurance cover via a company, you would be probably getting better rates than if you were to purchase an individual medical insurance policy. Health insurance often requires a great amount of paperwork that has a lot of fine print. Unfortunately, this means that few people neither read their plans thoroughly nor do they fully understand what their plan covers or does not cover.

At anthem blue cross California we have a very responsible and eligible team of expert which will help you with all the documentation and legal formalities required for acquiring the health insurance.

They will also give a detailed explanation of what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover. Caring for your family is the biggest motivation that leads you to purchase a health insurance cover.